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Groove Joint Pliers AGT41000 AutoGrip

Original price $26.95 - Original price $26.95
Original price
$26.95 - $26.95
Current price $26.95

Features and Benefits:

  • One-handed operation
  • Twice as fast as standard groove joint pliers
  • Self-adjusting gripping mechanism
  • Grab any size without adjusting
  • V-Jaw design for versatile gripping of round objects
  • The AUTOGROOVE V-JAW Groove Joint Pliers is the perfect tool for plumbers, tradesmen, handymen and DIYers. The AUTOGROOVE quickly self-adjusts and grips on to thick and thin objects without the need to find a groove.Unlike traditional tongue and groove pliers, which require two hands to use, the AutoGroove V-JAW Groove joint pliers from can be used with only one hand. This is because we use a patented gripping mechanism, which allows our AutoGroove to quickly self-adjust and grip on to thick and thin objects without the need to find a groove.And the specially designed v-shaped jaws grips tight on both round and flat objects.They feature the same heavy-duty construction as standard groove joint pliers and maintain the narrow profile required for work in tight and confined spaces. The AutoGroove joint pliers fully complies with ASME specifications B107.23.