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Swedge-Lokr AGSSLK-2 AGS Products

Original price $550.31 - Original price $550.31
Original price
$550.31 - $550.31
Current price $550.31

Features and Benefits:

  • Repairs air conditioning lines on the vehicle
  • Small enough to get into tight spaces
  • Comes with 5 sets of jaws to cover all sizes of lines
  • Can be operated with multiple power sources
  • Self-adjusts for fast and accurate repairs

The Swedge-Lok™ is an air conditioning line repair tool that has been designed to be efficient, versatile, accurate, and durable. The tool allows the mechanic to repair broken or leaking air conditioning lines on the vehicle, without the need for expensive and time consuming replacements. Utilizing the Swedge-Lok unions, this tool can repair all diameters of A/C tubing, as well as A/C hose connections. The tool can be powered with a simple open-end wrench, a square-drive ratchet, or a powered impact wrench. With future expansion jaws, the Swedge-Lok will also handle other systems, such as fuel and transmission line repairs.