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4 Bar No-Mar Passenger Tire Inflation Cage BRA2040NMM Branick

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$729.00 - $729.00
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Features and Benefits:

  • No-Mar strips protect expensive rims
  • Mesh contains wheel parts in case of tire explosion
  • Made in the USA
  • High yield tensile steel construction
  • Meets and exceeds all OSHA standards for safety
  • Handles tires with a maximum width of 21.5” (cross section) and maximum diameter of 41”

For generations Branick has been known for strength and quality, our tire inflation cages are no exception. We use 2 1/4” high yield strength steel tubing because when you are protecting lives it can’t be too strong. Branick also introduced the arched bar design to provide extra energy displacement and optional cage side mesh for protection from explosive fragments. We know it’s also important to protect the wheels, which is why Branick is the only manufacturer to offer No-Mar pads. No-Mar is designed to absorb the scratches and dings that might otherwise end up on expensive custom wheels. Manufactured at Branick’s facility in Fargo, ND means you get American made quality and toughness.