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Spot Weld Cutter 8mm BLR11308 Blair

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$65.00 - $65.00
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Features and Benefits:

  • Removes spot welds in Boron and other materials
  • 8mm drill bit especially designed for spot weld drilling
  • Made of ultra-hard Solid Tungsten Carbide which prevents bit dulling from overheating
  • The fast and easy was to remove spotwelds in auto body repair work. Made from solid carbide for long tool life in today's high strength, extremely hard body panels.
  • The New Blair Solid Spotweld Cutter is double coated for maximum durability. Designed for use on UHSS and Boron Steel with self centering and easy cutting action, leaves no damage or deforming to underlying panels. The Blair Premium Solid Spotweld Cutter is for use with "gun" type spotweld tools only.
  • Spot Weld, Cutter, 8mm.