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APX90A Rim Clamp Tire Changer with Air Drive AMMAPX90A Ammco

Original price $34,289.00 - Original price $34,289.00
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$34,289.00 - $34,289.00
Current price $34,289.00
Features and Benefits
  • X shaped high torque electric turntable with external clamping range capacity of 9" - 30", gives you the power you need for tough applications
  • Coats exclusive new three position bead loosener for eliminating wheel damage and increasing productivity
  • Integrated wheel lift lifts heavy assemblies, reducing both wheel damage risk and muscle strain for technicians
  • Ergonomically positioned foot pedals and helper controls located at the point of actuation minimizes training and opportunities for error
  • Can easily handle special applications such as negative offset or reverse mount rims without additional adapters; and when not using the APX90 helper devices it is still a durable and easy to use Rim Clamp
As wheel sizes have increased in size, COATS® has kept pace by providing technicians with an innovative tire changer to handle virtually any job that rolls in the shop. The APX90 is designed to change the toughest runflats and large custom wheels with ease, while still making quick work of conventional tires and wheels. The air drive system with 2 horsepower compressor, 110 to 175 PSI, 15 SCFM @ 150PSI. The patented Coats RoboArm® applies direct pressure to create a bead lock and provide extra leverage on run-flat and low profile tires. The Duckhead® Roller keeps the bead in location under the Duckhead® when mounting a difficult low-profile tire and can be removed when it is not needed.  Powered horizontal rollers allow easy bead and rim lubrication, loosen top leads, plus assist in mounting runflat and low profile tires. Also used to demount the lower lead, with no tire tool needed! The RoboRoller® used two tapered wheels to provide additional power when mounting very large diameter runflat and low profile tires.

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