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Motorscan Kawasaki 4-Pin Injector Diagnostic Cable ASDMS502 Ansed Diagnostic Solutions

Original price $192.77 - Original price $192.77
Original price
$192.77 - $192.77
Current price $192.77

Features and Benefits:

  • Cable set connects the Motorscan scanner to Kawasaki 4-pin Injector diagnostic port
  • OEM level connector & cable configuration eliminates sloppy generic cable connections
  • Properly sized connectors & cables provide accurate information communications
  • Motorscan scanner vehicle data program helps select proper cable for the vehicle
  • Motorscan scanner vehicle data program helps locate the OEM diagnostic port connector

Connect the Motorscan MS6050DS & MS6050MS diagnostic scanners to Kawasaki 4-pin injector diagnostic port connectors. OEM level connector and cables easily connect to the factory diagnostic port connector providing trouble-free & accurate communications with the vehicle electronic systems.  See the Motorscan vehicle application list for current model, cable & systems applications. Research vehicle cable applications, OEM diagnostic port connector location and system applications in the Motorscan scanner vehicle data files.