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Soft Feel Clear Coat (400ml) Killer Can ALAKC-ST Alsa Corporation

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Features and Benefits
  • Produces an ultra soft full matte clear finish over a variety of substrates including wood, metal, plastic, plaster or virtually any paintable surface
  • Features excellent scratch, stain and chemical resistance. The unusual quality of this finish is that it feels super soft but in reality is very, very durable!
  • Can be applied over a variety of unpainted substrates or used as a translucent, full matte topcoat over colored basecoats
  • Application is easy with mixing inside our special aerosol spray can - no need for pre-measuring or messy cleanup
  • Perfect for application on any part which is touched by human hands. You'll feel the difference!
Alsa Soft Feeling Paint is a unique product that can create rich, soft feelings on almost any surface. Ideal for any product that is intended to be touched; Alsa Soft Feeling Paint transforms hard surfaces into new sensational textures. Now available in Alsa's new two-component Killer Cans, application is easier than ever! Simply remove the plastic plunger from our special aerosol can lid and place over a nipple on the bottom of the can. To mix the product, depress the plunger firmly releasing the hardener into the urethane resin inside the can. Then shake vigorously for several minutes and you're ready to spray real two-component soft feeling clearcoat just like a professional. Our Killer Cans feature five times the pressure of traditional aerosol spray cans and a special nozzle that sprays like an HVLP gun. Alsa's Soft Feeling clear coat produces a full matte, semi-translucent ultrasoft feeling finish. Use it directly over a variety of unpainted substrates or as a translucent topcoat over colored basecoats. Soft Feel clear coat features excellent scratch, scuff and abrasion resistance and is both chemical, stain and alcohol resistant. It has been chosen by numerous major manufacturers for use on computer mice, keyboards, cellphones, gaming devices and a wide range of computer peripherals. Try it on handles, door pulls or virtually anything that is touched by human hands.