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DIVAS Diagnostic Accessory for Motorscan Scan Tool ASDMS6053 Ansed Diagnostic Solutions

Original price $840.20 - Original price $840.20
Original price
$840.20 - $840.20
Current price $840.20

Features and Benefits:

  • Use with Motorscan scan tool to synchronize carburetors & fuel injectors electronically
  • Color graphing of measured data on Motorscan scanner screen
  • Dynamic monitoring & analysis of intake manifold pressures
  • 3 analog ports for sensor dynamic analysis & data acquisition
  • Synchronization procedures linked with Motorscan diagnostic functions

DIVAS is a valuable accessory for the MS6050DS & MS6050MS power sports scan tool kits. Electronically synchronize up to 4 throttle valves on carburated or injected systems. Analyze intake manifold pressures digitally and graphically using the color graphing modes. Link the DIVAS synchronization functions with the Motorscan diagnostic features to provide a complete diagnostic and setup package. 3 analog input ports with accessory connects to link sensors to the DIVAS & Motorscan systems. Provides real time monitoring, storage and graphing of selected systems.  Built in microphone is included.