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Digital Measuring Tram DENDF3D Dent Fix

Original price $1,349.00 - Original price $1,349.00
Original price
$1,349.00 - $1,349.00
Current price $1,349.00

Features and Benefits:

  • Taking point-to-point measurements from 1 to 12 feet (300-3640 mm)
  • The tram user can measure in feet, inches, 1/16’s of an inch and metric measurements with the touch of a button
  • The zeroing function enables you to take comparison measurements, displaying the appropriate positive or negative reading
  • Placing the center pointer on the prescribed 400 mm mark, measurements shorter than the collapsed length of the tram can be made
  • Offers our widest measuring range

Includes: 3 350mm long pointers; 2 110mm short pointers; 2 bullet pointers, 2 pointer holders, 2 cones for zeroing out larger holes all stored in a plastic carrying case.