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DeVilbiss DAD1 Replacement Desiccant Filter Media (Two 5 lb. Bags) DEVDAD1 DeVilbiss

Original price $156.69 - Original price $156.69
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$156.69 - $156.69
Current price $156.69

Features and Benefits:

  • Durable disposable filter that collects all kinds of aerosols and dirt, providing crucial protection
  • Designed to fit most desiccant filter systems
  • Compatible Models:  Most Desiccant Filters
  • Type:  Desiccant Refill
  • Replacement Desiccant Filter Media - DAD1
  • Receive Two (2) of 5 lb. Bags

The DeVilbiss DAD1 Replacement Desiccant Filter Media is for use with the DAD-500 three-stage desiccant unit and most desiccant filter systems. Some desiccant filters include a sight glass indicator, where it changes color when desiccant needs replacement. Keep your DAD-500 at peak performance and change the media when indicated.