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Non-Marring Composite Couplers 1/4" Female COI150C COIJALI

Original price $23.41 - Original price $23.41
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$23.41 - $23.41
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Features & Benefits:

  • Manufactured out of a heavy-duty, high-impact fiberglass composite, which protects finished surfaces from scratching and marring that can occur with brass or steel couplers
  • Industrial Interchange Safety couplers offer additional protection against "hose whip" upon disconnection by safely bleeding off air line pressure through a two-step release mechanism
  • MegaflowTM couplers are engineered to deliver much higher flow than comparably-sized standard-design couplers and connectors, and are ideal for PB&E (Paint Body & Equipment) and other high-CFM applications
  • Composite couplers help prevent marring or scratching to delicate surfaces
  • Body Size 1/4"