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Amp Hound 2 CAL72 Horizon Tool

Original price $219.94 - Original price $219.94
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$219.94 - $219.94
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Features and Benefits:

  • Amp Hound 2 allows easy component testing and Parasitic Drain diagnosis without having to access hard to reach areas or even remove a fuse
  • CONVENIENT: Attach adapter to fuse or just touch the probes to the top of the fuse to get check for parasitic drain or obtain a amperage reading
  • AUDIBLE: Tone lets you know when you are touching a fuse. No guesswork, no need to stare at the meter
  • FUSE TYPES: Works on new fuse types Mini-LP and Micro-Fuse, along with three of the most common automotive fuses types: Mini, Standard and Maxi with all of the most common ranges
  • SAFE: No chance of shorting a circuit while the fuse is removed

The Amp Hound 2 is an Ammeter for automotive use, to be used easily by novices to electrical gurus alike. Designed to work through a fuse the Amp Hound 2 can take instant current readings from components, track current in real time or search out parasitic drain. The only tool of its kind where the fuse does not need to be removed from the circuit  and the user does not need to refer to charts or on-line to complete calculations. Includes special adapters for hands free work. A real time saver that will prevent misdiagnosis of electrical troubleshooting in all makes and models.