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Aluspot Extended Aluminum Repair System DENDF-900DXE Dent Fix

Original price $9,886.59 - Original price $9,886.59
Original price
$9,886.59 - $9,886.59
Current price $9,886.59

Features & Benefits:

  • The DF-900DX/E Aluspot Extended includes everything that the Ford Approved Aluspot (DF-900DX) does PLUS Aluminum-Head Hammer Set (DF-AH714), POM Nylon Dolly Set (DF-AB712), two more storage drawers, an in-cabinet electrical power strip, and a holster on the side of the cabinet to hang the heat gun.
  • The most complete aluminum repair station from a name you know and trust is FORD APPROVED!
  • The idea here is that you have everything you need for aluminum repair, within easy reach in a self-contained system. The tools lock away so they do not wander the shop and become contaminated with steel particles.
  • The capacitor discharge welder is 110 volt powered. Re-charge time for the capacitors is less than 3 seconds. The ground is on the weld gun itself. This leads to a more successful weld due to the close location. The fact that we have two ground points on either side of the weld gun also leads to a more successful weld rate. And of course when working on a roof or the middle of a hood having to attach separate ground leads can cause extra and unnecessary refinish time.
  • Maximum storage - 5 Drawers

Aluspot Extended Includes the following:

+ Inline Pneumatic Paint Remover & Fiber Discs
+ Stainless-steel Shoe Handle Brush & Tooth Brush
+ Digital set temperature Heat Gun & Infrared Temperature Gauge
+ 110v Capacitor Discharge Stud Welder (electrostatic type) with a self-contained weld gun with ground
+ Alu-Magnesium & Alu-Silicon stud pins
+ 5 Drawers
+ Hand T-Puller, Squeeze Puller, Lever Puller, & Bridge Puller
+ Body File + 350mm Blade, Stud Cutter, & Safety Glasses
+ NEW! Solid Aluminum Head Hammers: Pick/Finishing (40mm round face), Curved Pein (40mm round face), & Standard Bumping (40.5mm round face, 38mm square face).
+ Stainless Steel High Polished Hammers: Pick/Finishing, Curved Pein/Finishing, & Reverse-Curve
+ 2mm Soft Face & 35mm Dead Blow Hammer
+ Nylon Chisels: Bolster-Head & Round-Head (2)
+ NEW! Nylon Dollies: Double-End (2), Bolster-Head, Crease Alignment Tool, Profile Arranging Block, Hand Fist + Curved, Large, Regular, General Purpose, Block, Curved, & Wedge.
+ Red Heat Gun Holder
+ In-cabinet power strip
+ Dust Cover
+ 5 year warranty
+ Components proudly made in the USA