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A/C Sealant Detector Kit CPSACSD CPS Products

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Original price
$584.02 - $584.02
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Features & Benefits:

  • Quickly verifies if sealant is present in A/C system
  • Prevents possible damage to valuable recovery equipment
  • Easy to use with fast results
  • Disposable, low cost design
  • Works on R134A and R12 systems

The Quick Detect is designed to detect the presence harmful Type II sealants at the High Side service port of the A/C System. The Quick Detect uses disposable cartridges in conjunction with flow measurement to determine the presence of active sealant. QuickDetect is designed to mimic an A/C leak. If sealant is present in the system, it will quickly solidify in the disposable test cartridge and cause the flow meter to show "no flow".