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6 Piece T-Handle Wrenches BTA009510771 Beta Tools USA

Original price $204.00 - Original price $204.00
Original price
$204.00 - $204.00
Current price $204.00
Features & Benefits:
  • 4 tips all same size
  • Sliding handle used as "T" or "L" for superior access
  • Internal spring and pin locks handle from sliding-out
  • Forged steel tips last longer
  • Sizes: 1/8", 3/16", 7/32", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8"
The 951 series T-handle wrench has 3 tips and a sliding handle. The handle allows you to use it in the "T" position or the "L" position like a breaker-bar. Unlike other manufactures who use extruded stock hex bar to form their hex shapes along the entire tool, Beta Tools of Italy takes the extra time to "machine" the hex shape into round bar. Yes, machining this is an extra step and these cost more than most other brands but the machined end is harder and wears longer than those other brands that give you a rounded-off end after a short amount of time. Plus, you're going to notice that the machined hex end is more precise so it's going to fit the fasteners a lot better. See why Beta Tools of Italy has been the go-to brand of high-quality hand tools for professional tool-users in Europe since 1939.