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5 Gas Exhaust Gas Diagnostic Analyzer Bundle With Software And Printer ASDANSED/AUTOPLUS5/PR Ansed Diagnostic Solutions

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Features and Benefits

  • Hand Held Completely Portable 5 Gas Analyzer Kit with Software & IR Printer
  • Tests: HC, O2, CO, CO2, NOx, Lambda, AFR
  • All gas readings are Live and Analyzer is Self-Calibrating, No Cal-Gas Required
  • KANE Live Graphing Software displays gas readings Over Time on a PC
  • ANSED Exhaust Gas Diagnostics Software interprets exhaust gas readings

ANSED exhaust gas diagnostic analyzer & software kit including a IR portable printer is the most complete exhaust gas diagnostic package offered today.  KANE hand held and completely portable diagnostic analyzer is featured providing HC, O2, CO, CO2, NOx, Lambda and AFR gas testing in shop, dyno and road test applications.  A Dyno is Not required to perform NOx testing.  The analyzer provides Live readings, not calculated and is self calibrating.  No Cal-Gas is required.  KANE Live Graphing Software is included providing Live PC based gas readings displayed over time on a PC by Bluetooth or USB cable.  This feature allows technicians to view gas readings over time to detect dropouts, spikes or glitches in the gas readings. ANSED Exhaust Gas Diagnostic Software interprets the gas readings providing a Top Down list of suggested repairs or additional diagnostic tests.  Diagnose No-Code, Drivability, Performance, Fuel Economy and Catalytic Converter Performance issues.  Pre & Post test reports can be saved and printed for customer reference and shop files.  Accessories: EPAUTO8 Motorcycle Probe.