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48 Inch 4 Ton Power Jack AMG14100 American Power Pull

Original price $178.28 - Original price $178.28
Original price
$178.28 - $178.28
Current price $178.28

Features and Benefits:

  • 48" Four Ton Power Jack
  • Lightweight with low pickup just lifting nose 45" from the base for easy use
  • Safety shear pin
  • Safety shear pin which shears when jack is overloaded to protect nose from breaking
  • Reversable upright steel standard for extra long wear

Safety Shear PinThe rugged, versatile tool that will lift, push or pull 4 tons. Quick disengaging when not under load. Efficient. Saves man-hours and out-of-service time. Lift trucks, industrial and construction equipment. Move heavy equipment or skids. Align large assemblies. Pull or straighten fence or utility posts. Pull structural assemblies together. Many other uses when used with cable or chain.